Timberwolf TI3TN-1 Wood Burning Traditional Majolica Brown Fireplace Insert

Timberwolf adds to their wood burning collection with the TI3TN-1 wood insert. Four stainless steel secondary air tubes supercharge the fuel burning process and generate a beautiful display of YELLOW DANCING FLAMES. Complete with a removable painted black log retainer and a heat circulating blower, Oakdale is the perfect heating solution to replace and update drafty masonry fireplaces in a home or cottage.

  • Maximum BTU Output: 55,000
  • EPA certified
  • Majolica brown traditional fireplace insert
  • Largest ceramic glass viewing area in the industry
  • Full refractory lined firebox
  • Supremely traditional cast iron surround adds a more masonry feel to the Oakdale insert
  • Removable black log retainer makes it easy to clean out the firebox and organize logs for optimal burn
  • Refractory bricks absorb and reflect the heat back into the room for efficient zone heating




  • Brand: Timberwolf
  • Product depth: 17.31″
  • Product width: 26.5″
  • Product height: 21.31″
  • Viewing height: 12″
  • Viewing width: 25″
  • Warranty: President Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • UL Listed: Yes
  • Manufacturer Part #: TI3TN-1
  • Fuel type: Wood