Pioneer LE/TV

Our #1 selling coal stoker stove. Built with all of the latest innovations, the Pioneer LE/T can put out an amazing 90,000 BTUs and still be vented with a chimney or by using our Power Vent System. The standard Coal-Trol thermostat controls the fan speed automatically for up to 265CFM. Just set it and forget it.


Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 27 × 38 in




Our #1 selling coal stoker stove. The Pioneer LE Top Vent stove with its attractive styling, brass pins, brass handles and ornamental top door will make for a welcome addition in any den or family room. Using the technology that goes into all Leisure Line Stoves, the virtually indestructible feeder system has put this unit head and shoulders above all others. Built with all the latest innovations, the LE can produce up to 90,000 BTUs input and can be vented with a chimney or by the use of the power vent system. Digital Coal-trol thermostat controlled heat always maintains the temperature you desire. Fan speeds from 35 CFMs to 265 CFMs are regulated by our thermostat. Set it and forget it. Without a doubt, this stoker was built with the homeowner in mind in every way.