Designed with the new COAL-EZ stove technology with hopper feed designed for those who have little time for maintenance. The hopper feed holds a 12 to 24-hour supply on average. On top of that, this stove operates without electricity and even has a non-electric draft control for added efficiency.

Weight: 475 lbs
Dimensions: 44Hx26Wx23L in.
Output: 120,000 BTU
Hopper: 120 lbs.

This stove has a specifically designed internal hopper and is gravity fed which means there is no auger, or electricity to need serviced. With the controlled draft and even heat, there is no need for a blower.  A black porcelain cabinet is also available but ships separately. This stove burns for up to 72 hrs on 72 lbs of coal and is designed to heat garages, shops and large homes of up to 4000 sq. ft.