All-American Heater DV

A Whole New Concept in Anthracite Burning!  The All-American Heater features three sizes: 70,000, 90,000 and 110,000 BTUs.  maximum efficiency requires a built in direct vent that exits directly out the back.  This feature hides the vent piping for a clean fresh look. The fan speed is controlled automatically with our new TS2BL Coal-Trol thermostat for up to 450 NET CFM (Input CFM is 970 from 10 axial flow fans) .  110,000 BTU version has 14 fans for over 500 NET CFM.  70K/90K is $4,015.00 and 110K is $4602.25, Please call to order the 110K.


Weight 355 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 32 × 36.5 in


Our new stove the All-American Heater is a brand new concept in Anthracite heating.  It comes standard with everything you would want in a quality stoker stove. Demand the Smooth and quiet operation supplied by our unique feeder system.  Simpler, easier to use, and manufactured in America using American resources!   We provide you with maximum efficiency so that the built in Direct Vent is our only option for venting.  Vented directly off the back of the stove with a 4″ outlet and designed to go directly out through the wall. This configuration makes it easy to replace your existing wood pellet stove with little or no modification to the existing vent piping system.

The top door features glass retention bolts that are outside of the combustion area.  No worries for corrosion or issues with removal!  The extended seal lip puts the glass away from the heat of the fire.  An air-wash completely surrounds the top door keeping the glass cooler and easier to clean.

Completely surrounded by a heat jacket with 10 or 14 variable speed convection fans (each fan is rated at 97 CFM each in free air), the upper body of this new stove is sleek and remains warm to the touch.  The combustion area features a full tube heat exchanger that sits directly over the fire for maximum efficiency.  Available in three sizes; 70,000 BTU, 90,000 BTU and 110,000 BTU this stove will heat over 4,000 square feet.  Featuring the newly designed, streamlined, digital, back lit, and programmable Coal-Trol TS2BL it is more efficient and easier to use then ever. With the contemporary style of our All-American Heater, it now provides a fresh, up to date look wherever you decide to locate the new stove in your home.  Contact us for available optional styling accents.  We can customize your stove with polished stainless steel trim, and custom cut images that can be made from any pictures or text ideas you may have.