6″ X 15′-50′ HomeSaver UltraPro 316Ti -Alloy Stainless Steel Pre-Cut Liner

This is a crush-resistant, easy-to-uncoil liner that is lightweight, thick, and durable. Because of its low-memory and great handling, it is very easy to install.

  • Product diameter: 4″- 8″
  • Length: 15′ – 50′
  • Fuel type: Wood/Pellet/Oil/Non-Condensing Gas/Coal
  • For UltraPro and Pro
  • 316Ti-Alloy Stainless Steel
  • Works for all fuel types: wood, pellet, oil, non-condensing gas, and coal
  • Crush-resistant
  • Easy handling
  • Patented roll-lock, gas-tight seams
  • Pre-cut to common lengths
  • Outer diameter is 3/8″ than inner diameter