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Although winter is normally the only season in which a chimney is used, do not neglect to utilize the down seasons for inspection and cleaning of your entire chimney system.

And here are a number of good reasons to schedule the chimney sweep shortly after the winter heating season has ended instead of waiting until the next one is about to begin.

  1. Summer heat and humidity can unleash unpleasant odors from your uncleaned chimney into your house. These odors are normally the result of a buildup of creosote in your chimney, and a good cleaning will improve the air quality in your home for the rest of the year.
  2. Although the odors of creosote are bad enough, starting a fire under a creosote-choked chimney is extremely dangerous. By cleaning in the spring, you will be taking no chances that a cold autumn night will tempt you to start a fire before your chimney has been professionally cleaned.
  3. Chimney sweeps are much more available in the springtime. Being normal human beings, most people tend to shut down their fireplaces and forget about them until fall. If you wait until cold is just around the corner, you will likely have a much harder time finding the services you need and may end up paying a higher price than you would have in the spring.
  4. You and the professional you hire will have much more time to decide on and perform any needed repairs or upgrades to your chimney system. Again, this could easily translate into money saved for you since you will have time to shop and consider the options rather than being rushed into a decision.
  5. Although it is often necessary to discontinue the use of your stove or fireplace for a full 24 hours prior to repairs or maintenance, there will be no hardship involved if the service date is in May or June. By contrast, you may have to spend several cold nights if you wait to schedule your appointment until November.
  6. Having your chimney professionally cleaned in the spring will prevent you from being tempted to get up on the roof and clean it yourself in possibly dangerous winter weather because you cannot find an available chimney sweep. Besides the danger of rooftop work, chimney cleaning is a messy job best left to professionals with the right equipment.
  7. You can eliminate a winter expense that would probably otherwise be due shortly before the holidays when most people experience the most financial stress anyway. By scheduling it for a time with possibly lower seasonal bills, you will help to spread out your expenses throughout the year.
  8. Perhaps best of all, you will experience peace of mind about your chimney all summer long and be ready to start a big, roaring fire on the very first cold night of the fall!
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